Another Coworking Success for Nook Meeting Pods

The Nook Journey:/Another Coworking Success for Nook Meeting Pods

Coworking spaces and Nook meeting pods are a match made in heaven.

We’ve already seen how one Coworking space has turned 2 Nook meeting pods in to essential infrastructure in a dynamic open plan environment. Now Cowork hub ‘The Guild’ in Bath, run by the great team at Cowork Inc, have taken their own initiative to use Nook to solve space issues at a time when membership is soaring.

The Guild Hub recently took possession of their first Nook meeting pod and have already talked about adding another, such is both the popularity of the homely little work booth and the effect it has on capacity and use of space.

Nook pods allow for semi-privacy in all sorts of spaces, promoting collaboration and effective focus-time as well as networking and workplace wellbeing.