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January 2017

Nook in 360 panoramarama.

From Instagram: Very groooovy 360 shot of the Nook pod looking fabulous in @theguildhub #coworking reception area. Were told the Nook is in constant use every day. So glad to hear that guys. #coworkers #coworking #cowork #coworkfurniture #officepod #officebooth #officeinabox

Double Nookery

From Instagram: In love with this double-Nook and gallery-seating set up from the @websummit @websummitlisbon back in November. So creative. #mobilemeeting #mobilebooth #popuppod #interviewbooth #events #eventdesign #design #creativity #awesomecustomers

Mounting Screens in a Nook – Easy peezy.

From Instagram: What happens when you mount a 32" LCD on the rear wall of a Nook pod? Have a look. Brackets are easy to fit and the whole top half of the wall can be removed & fitted easily, bracket, TV and all. #meetings #collaboration #webex #screensharing #meetingpod

November 2016

Another Coworking Success for Nook Meeting Pods

Coworking spaces and Nook meeting pods are a match made in heaven. We've already seen how one Coworking space has turned 2 Nook meeting pods in to essential infrastructure in a dynamic open plan environment. Now Cowork hub 'The Guild' in Bath, run by the great team at Cowork Inc, have taken their own initiative to [...]

Nook features on Web Summit’s Flickr Gallery

Following the tremendous success of seeing Nook pods being extensively used at the Web Summit conference in Lisbon recently, one eagle eyed follower spotted that they were featured in Web Summits Flickr Gallery of the event. Its a wonderful photograph and captures the essence, intimacy and fun of Nook pods. This particular shot was taken at [...]

Nook News – Nook is seen by 1.3m on Instagram

Nook features on Design Milk's Instagram. The original Nook pod prototype featured on Design Milk's Instagram and has been liked almost 8000 times. It all started when Design Milk put a shout-out for creatives to share their workspaces using the hashtag DMcreativespaces. Our founder and CEO, David O'Coimin, took a photo of the original [...]

September 2016

Listed Building limitations? No problem.

This is an interesting story that is emerging as we take Nook to market - its ability to address limitations in regard to listed buildings. In particular we are seeing uptake in Nook because of the restrictions in changing the infrastructure in these locations - you can't! It's very difficult to get permission to build [...]

August 2016

Nook at Bristol’s Engine Shed

Engine Shed is a collaboration between Bristol City Council, the University of Bristol and the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership at the heart of Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone. It's mission is to stimulate long term economic growth by supporting business, inspiring young people to get involved and to showcase to the public and potential inward [...]

Nook Words

"They're tiny, public, yet you feel like you've got your own private work space" Nook-user during trials at Bristol Engine Shed. Aug 2016

Building the first commercial Nooks

We are well underway. With installation deadline looming, the team are hard at work building Nooks One and Two. All the detailed planning up to this point is being tested, with accurate angles needing to meet perfectly and all dimensional tolerances put through their paces to ensure the Nook is symmetrical from front and back [...]

February 2016

Nook Proto One is ready!

From rough prototype to semi-finished. This version of the original nook prototype now has a lick of paint, covered upholstery, working table mechanism with beautiful lifting foot and the bar installed as the chosen option for the rear. This bar has become an important feature in this application of the product as it opens up [...]

January 2016

The first life-size nook prototype.

From idea to reality. Proto One of the nook in raw MDF with foam blocks mocking-up the upholstery form and function. This was a great way of understanding the proportions and checking the concept was sound. Numerous alternative configurations were made to test things like the folding seat sides which extend to add seating area [...]

December 2015

Original nook idea sketches

Where it all started for nook, as it was then known: 'cubby'. These sketches are still a source of inspiration for nook today and what's coming next in the nook family of enclosures and accessories.