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August 2016

Nook Words

"They're tiny, public, yet you feel like you've got your own private work space" Nook-user during trials at Bristol Engine Shed. Aug 2016

Building the first commercial Nooks

We are well underway. With installation deadline looming, the team are hard at work building Nooks One and Two. All the detailed planning up to this point is being tested, with accurate angles needing to meet perfectly and all dimensional tolerances put through their paces to ensure the Nook is symmetrical from front and back [...]

February 2016

Nook Proto One is ready!

From rough prototype to semi-finished. This version of the original nook prototype now has a lick of paint, covered upholstery, working table mechanism with beautiful lifting foot and the bar installed as the chosen option for the rear. This bar has become an important feature in this application of the product as it opens up [...]

January 2016

The first life-size nook prototype.

From idea to reality. Proto One of the nook in raw MDF with foam blocks mocking-up the upholstery form and function. This was a great way of understanding the proportions and checking the concept was sound. Numerous alternative configurations were made to test things like the folding seat sides which extend to add seating area [...]

December 2015

Original nook idea sketches

Where it all started for nook, as it was then known: 'cubby'. These sketches are still a source of inspiration for nook today and what's coming next in the nook family of enclosures and accessories.