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Nook @ the Smart Work Summit

The Nook Journey:/Nook @ the Smart Work Summit
Big thanks to Quora for a great day of insights and connections at the #smartworksummit in London; and to Fern and Noble for exciting partnership in integrating the green goodness of #biophillics in to #nookpod. The beautiful moss?wall lends two important properties to the ambience inside a Nook: Green wellness and audio comfort. The positivity of natural elements make a space feel more harmonious while the inherent acoustic properties of moss adds an additional dimension of noise cancelling to enhance the calm and focus properties inside the Nook, with the added benefit of zero maintalenance. This event was at @etc.venues Fenchurch Street location which was a perfect site for a conference. The Nook will stay there until next week after which time it will move to a new London home. What a great result. Want to know more? Drop us a line on hello@nookpod.com

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2rF4aSU