Listed Building limitations? No problem.

The Nook Journey:/Listed Building limitations? No problem.

This is an interesting story that is emerging as we take Nook to market – its ability to address limitations in regard to listed buildings. In particular we are seeing uptake in Nook because of the restrictions in changing the infrastructure in these locations – you can’t! It’s very difficult to get permission to build rooms, walls, add partitions, even fix to walls. What’s needed are often stand alone structures where there is effectively an ‘air-gap’ between it and the fabric of the premises. 

So if your office or home is in such a space and you seek a portable office for agile working, with flexibility of appearance to match your interior design, look no further. 

Whether it’s a home office, a coworking space, a regular office or even a healthcare facility of some sort such as a doctor or dental surgery, tennants and owners in listen buildings are now looking at Nook to deliver great working, meeting, agile solutions. That makes a lot of sense to us.