New Ways Of Working

Nook helps bring New Ways Of Working, Neuro-inclusivity and agility of space to organisations.

We are in love with the problem of work space wellbeing.

We are all about making people happier by reducing stress while increasing privacy and mental health.

Nook enables more flexible, entrepreneurial and collaborative work styles.

“I love the Nook. Really sound proof but you still feel part of the buzz at the same time!” – @SocialHoneyc0mb on Twitter.

Nook is a mobile modular huddle pod, designed originally to help introverts and those on the autistic spectrum in the workplace. Now Nook helps everyone to improve their personal wellbeing, as well as adding efficiency & flexibility of space while creating greater engagement between people.

Nooks users benefit from increased productivity through better focus; experience more effective phone & Skype calls; and hold more powerful small meetings.

A Mobile, Quiet, Work & Meeting Space

The Nook Team at Do Company are passionate about how and where people do work and connect with each other.

We believe that the spaces we work in are in the midst of profound changes.

We believe that peoples expectations from these locations are evolving rapidly.

We are here to enable that change. To take work and meetings to the next level. And to make it special. For EVERYONE.

Enhance Wellbeing & Productivity

Nook improves open Workspaces which hinder effective concentration, communication & collaboration.

Small meetings are where real innovation and connections occur. Nook is an alternative to Meeting Rooms which are usually in short supply and designed for large gatherings.

Boost Concentration & Deep Work

Nooks are making a difference for customers in corporate offices, coworking spaces, education based environments and in the event arena.

Make more of your existing environment

Nook helps to modernise an environment, adapt to new ways of working & living, and cater for a variety of activities in one area. It makes a space more efficient, dynamic and flexible and helps people to focus or collaborate, isolate or gather.

Nook huddle pod - front view

Improve your quality of workplace

One single unit of Nook is perfect for 1-2 people to work, meet, relax or eat in. With its heavy-duty lockable castors, it can readily be repositioned for changing needs, whether that is to create private spaces or to be open and inviting.

Things get really interesting when you connect nooks

create unique spaces for intimacy, collaboration, gathering and relaxing

Using nooks together offers real opportunity to maximize space efficiency and to cause innovation to happen. Control the layouts according to our templates, or allow people to form their own clusters or villages, and watch as relationships are built.

nook icons 2

Create a space within a space with two nooks

Side-by-side, back-to-back, together or separate in space – nooks for all goals.

nook icons 3

Make the most of corner spaces with three nooks

Two private nooks, with a third nook open and inviting.

nook icons 2  nook icons 2

Doing business side-by-side with four nooks

Or expressly arranged for talks, presentations & demonstrations.

nook icons 2  nook icons 2

Connected meeting spaces with four nooks

Arranged to make two connected meeting spaces for 8-12 people.

Use One nook. Use Many.

For all workspaces, co-working environments, hot-desking, and temporary arrangements.


Simple order process

Standardised designs, ready-made components, easy to order and fast to deploy, simple to build.


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