Nook Success with CFMS at Bristol Bath & Science Park



After only four days of the Nook Pods trial at Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS), they have decided to make Nook a permanent addition to their space. The staff are enjoying the many benefits of being able to use the mobile, modular huddle pod designed to increase user wellbeing, work efficiency and increase the flexibility of the workspace itself.

They are also enjoying increased privacy and acoustic benefits for those small powerful meetings and whilst making phone & Skype calls.

“The Nook Pod is the perfect addition to our office space. It offers a breakout space away from our desks, or a quiet location for meetings. Extras such as wireless charging points and a whiteboard allow us to work efficiently and more creatively.”
“Having a Nook Pod on wheels provides complete flexibility. We can rearrange our office space, with ease, as often as we like.”

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