Nook features on Design Milk’s Instagram.

The original Nook pod prototype featured on Design Milk’s Instagram and has been liked almost 8000 times.

It all started when Design Milk put a shout-out for creatives to share their workspaces using the hashtag DMcreativespaces. Our founder and CEO, David O’Coimin, took a photo of the original Nook prototype which forms part of his home studio set-up, and posted it off to Design Milk, which has an extraordinary 1.3m followers on Instagram.

Weeks passed and the post was more or less forgotten when one day our own Instagram started lighting up with notifications. Design Milk had crafted a post of their own, calling out David and mentioning our own Instagram feed, which is

We’ve embedded the post above for you to enjoy.

Over the course of the following few days, the post generated over 7k likes and has been slowly climbing since. As a result of the interest the post generated, we have fielded enquiries for Nook meeting pods from across Europe and the US.

Thank you Design Milk. Social Media can be a lot of fun and a really engaging genuine way to connect with people.