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2 April 2017, Do Company announces:

Nook pods at DB Milano 17 by Designersblock, Milan Design Week.


Renowned exhibitor, curator and talent spotter, Designersblock, have chosen Nook from Do Company as part of their DM Milano 17 Event, during Milan Design Week.

Milan Design Week and the International Furniture Fair ‘iSaloni’ is the largest trade fair of its kind in the world, showcasing the latest in furniture and design from countries around the world and is considered a leading event for the display of new products by designers of furniture, lighting and other home furnishings.

DB Milano 17 will bring together designers from the UK, Italy, Japan, Estonia, and Slovakia. In their own words: “As diverse and eclectic as they are, these people and projects a commitment to narrative, locality, authenticity, quality and craft. Perhaps the strongest link they have is their independence. Designersblock has provided a platform for this spirit since 1998.”

The complete list of designers featured in the DB Milano 17 Event includes Camilla Barnard, Studio Candice Lao, Chiba Institute of Technology, Smile Experience Lab, Chris Eckersley & Sitting Firm, Dave Green, Koji Katsuragi, Marian Kralik, Nook from Do Company, Nyytli, Estonia Design House, Angela Orguusar / Killud, Elmet tried design, Johanna Tammsalu / Tamma Design, Liisu Arro / Arro Keraamika, New Vintage by Kriss, Piret Loog, Sofia Halik / SOMA Jewellery, Tarmo Luisk, Tonis Vellama / Seos Valgustus and WOH’

The program runs daily from 11:00, with aperitivos from 19:00 – 22:00 each day, and there are various installations, brunches, a press conference and speeches throughout. For the full program and an invitation to join us, click this link. We’d love to see you thereDB Milano Nook pod ready to be boxed for departure

This is an exciting step for Nook – the first time the international furniture and design world gets to see, touch and feel Nook in the flesh and fabric.

We are relishing the opportunity to demonstrate how smart agile furniture can address serious challenges in open offices in this age of remote working, co-working, flexible contracts and agile workplaces. Nook pods solve a broad range of concentration and innovation sapping issues typically found in the work-scape, offering an intimate and quiet refuge from noisy busy spaces. They are highly agile and designed to shape-shift, work together with other Nooks, evolve over time and graft technology, furniture and people together. We are sure Milan and the Design establishment will enjoy discovering and experiencing Nooks simplicity, dexterity and its zen-like ambience. We are certainly looking forward to showing it.

Nook will be flying the flag for the UK as a whole, for the South West region and for Bristol – standing tall as a locally designed *and made* product.

We’ll also be showing off our latest technology integration, invisible charging magic: NOOK JUICE, powered by Teslink from Gill Electronics. This allows a number of devices – tablets and smartphones – to recharge without cables. This partnership with WiVation and this integration of wireless charging technology is first-step evidence of the path Nook will take to become the smartest and most connected off-the-shelf workstation in the world. We don’t just aim to solve issues of concentration deprivation and collaboration starvation in the work place. We aim to make the Nook experience enriching and powerful, a communications hub with invisible seamless technology driving valuable local and cloud services. Come and hear more and experience for yourself the agile pod that is changing how we focus and interact in the business space.

This whole affair is also something of a personal milestone for Nook founder, David O’Coimin, who has long dreamt of taking a product to Milan Design Week and seeing the occasion from the inside, as an exhibitor. David will be on hand throughout the event to share the Nook story and to seek out interesting collisions & collaborations.

Will you be in Milan? Come get some free Nook Juice. We’ll be at Via Dante 14 from 4-9 April 2017.
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Image of the DB Milano Nook pod preparing to ship to Milan:


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