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The Nook has been designed to have a Sustainable Life Cycle. Materials and processes have been chosen in its Beginning Of Life phase (BOL) to 1. ensure minimum environmental impact in production, 2. to enable a long Middle Of Life (MOL) and 3. to minimise negative impact to the environment due to the products eventual End Of Life (EOL).


The goal of nooks design is to create a closed loop product life cycle, in which all elements used in the creation of theproduct are reused, recycled or remanufactured rather than discarded.

To achieve these objectives: Nook is made from materials with sustainable sources, which are also highly resistant to wear and which have been put together in sustainable ways and designed to grow and adapt throughout the products life, resisting the need to replace the product, instead utilising the option to upgrade the product. At end of product life, the Nook is designed to be highly refurbish-able for resale or can be easily broken down in to recyclable components.


The vast majority of Nook is made from responsibly sourced MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) while metal components are kept to an absolute minimum of small-wares only.

Intelligent CAD & CNC programs ensure maximum efficiency in cutting materials and reducing waste.

The Nook factory is kitted with solar panels to greatly reduce electricity grid utilisation. This reduces strain on natural resources and builds resilience in to the factory’s self-reliance.

The Nook factory is also fitted with a biomas heating system which – in the UK climate – is active for the majority of the year. This allows us to turn waste into environmentally friendly heat, which in turn further reduces the amount of power consumed from external sources.

The structure of the nook shell has been designed hollow to reduce material usage and shipping weight. Cutting down on material lessens not only the direct quantity of raw material required from the land, but also impacts positively on the

entire supply chain. Lower product weight means greater fuel efficiency in transit by land sea and air.

Nook is a symmetrical design which, in the event of cosmetic damage to the front of the product, will allow it to be flipped 180 degrees so the back becomes the front and no replacements are needed. Nook is also designed to be modular such that any individual part can be replaced on-site, without wasteful return to base shipping. Upgrades can be offered with replaced parts being returned.



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