Welcome to RoadThemes

Welcome to the final public judging for the ‘Design Your Nook’ Competition.


Below you will find the five outstanding finalists whose designs have been selected by Nook and presented for you to help us choose a winner.


Please select the finalist of your choice, enter your email in the field after your selection and hit VOTE.


The winner will be announced as part of the NEOCON NeoConnect digital programming and events.


The winning design will be re-created as a one-off prototype which will be presented both digitally and at events when circumstances allow.


This Nook’s secret super power is teleportation. It enables the user to be transported to their desired destination, or instantaneously embark on an adventure... SEE AND READ MORE

The Nook relax pod was inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic and what the new office is today and may be as we head back into our spaces... SEE AND READ MORE

This Nook’s secret super power is transformation. Beginning as a recognisable Nook Huddle pod, it blossoms and blooms in to a multi-functional super-space... SEE AND READ MORE

This Nook is inspired by the mission of merging from meetings to mimosas in mere minutes. We agree it’s a noble cause and you can learn more about it here... SEE AND READ MORE

This Nook’s secret super power is virtualimmersion. Aided by wind vents, a bubble machine and hydraulic seats, It enables the user to completely immerse in a 4D world... SEE AND READ MORE

A huge thank you to all competition entrants. You rocked our world!


We had such a hard time choosing the finalists. Every entry was crafted with imagination and, like us, focused on enhancing the human experience.


We will build the winning design to show off to the world-an acknowledgement to the designer’s genius. Thank you for voting. We will keep you posted when the results are known.


To see how Nook is helping organizations put Neurodiversity andflexibility at the heart of their post-COVID workspaces, CLICK HERE.