Sensory Nook

Sensory Nook is a revolutionary innovation transforming the wonderfully versatile Nook meeting space into a mobile publicly accessible support unit for people with disability and special needs.


Sensory Nook is the product of a collaboration with sensory technology specialists AmbiSpace Ltd and the team behind the nook pod.

At 2000mm wide x 900mm deep x 1900mm high, the modular design of the Nook is the perfect platform for the seamless integration of accessible technology. Its portable nature means specialist sensory resources can be provided where space is at a premium or as a temporary inclusive provision at public events.


Each one using integrated sensory technology to provide an enhanced personal experience.

Sensory Nook

sensory-nook-cdw-labelled-1024x768The Sensory Nook is the Worlds first mobile refuge  for personal wellbeing in busy environments by reducing noise and creating a sense of privacy without isolation.  Added to this is a range of specialist equipment designed to positively influence the mood and behaviour of the occupants. This works to calm or stimulate people with sensory integration disabilities such as Autism, Dyslexia and Dementia to name but a few.  It can help them cope with challenging environments, reduce anxiety levels before they reach meltdown and in so doing prevent challenging behaviour. The result of this is less exclusion and much greater opportunity to access experiences most people take for granted.

Sensory Nook – Light

This mobile sensory space is loaded with interactive and tactile technology to support people with special needs.  It has a fully controllable calming or stimulating effect. Integrated equipment includes an interactive infinity tunnel and Led Light tube for visual stimulation calming and cause and effect responses, fibre optic tails with UV colour enhancement support visual impairment and provide a calming tactile element, fibre optic carpet fitted to the wall adds a relaxing starlight quality in a tactile format.  A mirror panel helps to make the space appear larger and is a way for people with communication difficulties to observe and connect to the world indirectly giving a sense of security. The lilac coloured vinyl padded floor has a soothing effect for people on the autistic spectrum and is a strong, comfortable and hygienic material.

Sensory Nook – Escape

sensory-nook-escape-labelled-1024x768Public places can become overwhelming for people with special needs, particularly those on the autistic spectrum.  This Sensory Nook provides a closed in space that gives a sense of security and calm. The comfortable padded base has gentle vibration built in for a soothing effect.  UV lighting creates a calming glow while the walls and ceiling are covered with twinkling fibre optic carpet for a safe relaxing focus. With the retractable screen closed and the Bluetooth sound system playing it becomes an oasis of calm in which to escape and reduce anxiety levels before they reach crisis point.

Sensory Nook – Support


The Nook is already an amazing emotionally intelligent workspace for one to one and group working.  The sensory enhancements take it a step further by including precise colour spectrum selection and light intensity controls.  In combination with scent and air circulation it produces an encapsulated environment to positively influence mood, reduce challenging behaviour and lower anxiety levels.  This is a highly inclusive adaptable space particularly effective for people with dyslexia and autism.

There are two more models coming soon to the Sensory Nook range:

Nook – Interactive

The table inside a Nook is transformed in to an interactive surface through overhead projection and gesture movement sensors.  This increases the Nooks potential for one to one creative working and adds a robust engaging sensory experience for education and special needs support.  Activities include calming distractions such as splashing in a pond with fish swimming around and away from your hands.  Interactive educational content covering English, Maths, Science and languages.  There are fun competitive challenges for individual and multiplayer participation that help to improve hand eye coordination.  Cause and effect responses help support special needs assessment and sensory integration therapies.  There are intuitive tools included to edit and create personalised themes and import your own content including images, text, sounds and video.

Nook – Present

This Sensory Nook is a mobile 4D presentation engine designed to bring life to classroom, training, conference, exhibition and marketing delivery.  The 65” Clevertouch interactive touchscreen supplies 4K Ultra HD quality, complete with a full suite of interactive software apps with the ability to connect Apple, Android and Windows devices for bi-directional screen mirroring.  Control, collaborate and share content around the room.  To this is added dynamic lighting, wind, smoke, scent, sound and base effects for a powerfully engaging storytelling experience.

For further information on the Sensory Nook including pricing, email or call +44 (0)333 577 6665