Welcome to RoadThemes




Based between Amsterdam, Bristol and Chicago, we are product and experience designers, digital nomads and social-minded founders with a passion for people, places and planet.


Operating under the mantra of ‘Design For The Extreme Benefits The Mean’ and guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, our mission is to help organisations to realise the full potential of their space and the people who use them.


We focus in particular on neuroinclusivity and on growing the understanding and harnessing of neuroadvantages.


We believe in the phrase Nothing About Us, Without Us, meaning involve the people you are trying to help in the ideation and execution of solutions to serve them. We are our own customers too. We are designing for ourselves as well as everyone else.


Our organisation a fully distributed remote-working organisation, created by David O’Coimin in Bristol UK in 2016, with the purpose of accelerating the change to new ways of working, while empowering more sustainable, inclusive and mindful work, healing & learning environments.


We utilise product creation, thought-leadership, workshops, events, retreats and editorial to drive these goals.


Our broader team is made up of designers, digital marketing expertise, experienced programmers, product management specialists, sales strategists and business development experts, with presence and know-how in the Irish, British, Dutch and US Markets.


We partner with third-parties to extend our knowledge, to explore new possibilities and exploit new opportunities.


We believe in a circular economy, in long term thinking, in things which endure, which can evolve and be repaired and refreshed. We source responsibly and we design for recycling, but in between we believe things should last and be able to change so that they remain relevant and useful.


We believe in the power of the lived experience and that our customer and user are our best teacher and guide.


And we love to share. Slide in to our socials and chat with us. We are all there, hands to the pumps and ears open.