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Nook Event Pods provide multiple revenue generation opportunities for event organizers.

Nook Event Pods easy set up and highly modular, mobile capability allow under utilized floor space to become profitable.


Nook Event Pods provide new sponsorship opportunities to grow your customer base or as a bookable meeting space or a quiet interview pod, sheltering users from the surrounding hustle and bustle.

At many shows, finding some semblance of privacy is nearly impossible.


Attendees are forced to go offsite or worse still, find a table in a common area, where it’s difficult to negotiate or discuss confidential material without being overheard.

Often arranged in ‘Nook villages’ or clusters.

They provide structure to a space and valuable service to users, exhibitors and organizers alike.

The perfect complement to your corporate conferences.

Used for notetaking or for education, the NOOK EVENT PODS provide the flexibility to shoulder multiple uses during conferences.

Recharge and conduct business in a private setting.

The Nook pods are a perfect offering to customers looking to the facilities staff to assist with the planning and coordination of their event.



Rethink Meeting Zones, Relaxation Stations and Catering Areas Trade Show Exhibit Halls are generally overflowing with attendees, but lack quiet space for meetings, networking or relaxing or for seating in a food and beverage area.


Read on to find out our Huddle pod, our Solo pod and our beautiful collaboration around Special Needs, Mindfulness in the work place, Nooks with integrated technology and more.

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