With hospitality facing enormous challenges related to CV19, we have a ready-made solution which will quickly and easily help you to


  • Tackle social distancing & density issues

  • Increase dining volume

  • Improve personal dining experience

  • Add space flexibility

  • Generate high interest levels


All in a flexible manner which can be adjusted in the future.



  • Diners relationship with eating out has been irrevocably changed

  • Dining areas to be redesigned to accommodate staff and customer physical distance

  • No way to fit as many guests as before

  • Customers may not return in the numbers they used to

  • Up to 2-year cycle of intense and less intense lockdowns

  • Existing dining spaces are incompatible with new reality



We can help restaurants be ready for these changes while also improving people’s enjoyment of the dinning experience:


  • Personal space

  • Individualised lighting

  • Zonal acoustic control


All in a plug-and-play mobile pod which can be equiped with anti-microbial surfaces, graphics, technology and storage


A balance between shelter and isolation, Nook is designed to allow the diner to feel safe without feeling cut-off or claustrphobic


Nook is created with life-cycle and accesibility in mind. Combine seated Nooks with solo Nooks and Nook open shelters to cater for all situations

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In partnership with Aircharge+ we allow customers to order directly from their device, at their table.


Unique identifiers recognise where the customer is located and provides staff with a table number to serve to. No contact is required for ordering.